It has been right under my nose the whole time!

I have been writing about all sort of tools you can use in education and I used WordPress to share my thoughts. With this blog creating/hosting service, it is easy to write about any topics you want. It is quite easy to use but there is definitely a learning curve. The first time you actually try it might be a little overwhelming because this website is feature rich and there are many options at your disposal. However, the user interface is clean and the navigation is fluid. But the goal is not to use WordPress because it is pretty and fancy, it is because it is a useful and powerful tool.


WordPress can be as useful to you as it can be to your students. One year ago, WordPress released an updated with a new feature called education vertical for teachers. It was meant to help educators easily create websites for their classes. It is a great initiative that brings new possibilities on how to share content with students, and how these students can access class ressources. Additionally, the sites or pages created with this tool can be locked with passwords.  It is clear that WordPress is more than a basic blogging platform.



What is great too with WordPress is that you can effortlessly link YouTube videos, images, or any other URL sources. Thus, you can show your students any content you need from only one WordPress page. You don’t need to open a word file, a webpage, and a photo viewer application for a specific lesson; create a page with all the things you need , and you are good to go. You can also share your lesson plan through WordPress. There are countless possibilities. On this wiki, you can fin several interesting ways on how to use WordPress.



This article explains how WordPress can become a platform for course delivery dans learning, and how it can promote learning outside of school. Also, you can ask assignments to be done on WordPress. This way, instead of asking for hardcopies or documents via email, you can easily go on your students’ WordPress blogs to look at their work. Additionally, it is really easy to link the sources used to complete an assignment. It’s a great way to go paperless.


All in all, WordPress can be the solution for many aspects of school work management and in class presentations.



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