Do you love to pin?

Well it seems like everybody does. Here is a great visual on how Pinterest works and how it can be used in education:

Image source:


I think the main idea behind using Pinterest in classrooms is to find a way to connect with your students and to reach a wide audience. Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media platform and according to Julie DeNeen, Pinterest is the premier platform for many professions. With its online pin board architecture, Pinterest is basically a visual tool that inspires creativity and new ideas. It is easy to find stuff you care about and to discover completely new things. Here are some basic tips: with the search engine, you of course search for education category, you can create your own boards about the subjects from your course plan, you can provide reading lists and additional ressources to your students, you can easily find new ideas for project and supplemental material, and so on.  


At its hearth, Pinterest is a tool created to share information. It emphasizes on interaction through interests and ideas. It is a great social platform to share ideas with people from the same profession. Thus, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues and your students. It is also a great organizational tool with is gorgeous visuals and the pin system. It is easy to remember the sources of your pins and why you choose them. You can also categorize your boards and create one for each subjects of your course.


You can also ask your students to use Pinterest as a creative tool to create presentations and to do special projects and they can easily collaborate with their team members by creating their own board. In an article by Jeff Dunn, it has been said that by using Pinterest, “The students were very excited and engaged to have a place to network with other teachers. […] Throughout this experience, both I and my students realized that effective teaching strategies don’t have to be confined to the classroom. Today, we have over 30 boards and 1300 pins.” 


With its great design and its ease of use, Pinterest is a great tool to engage interactions and share information with your students. Also, there are many different websites with video tutorials that can help you with your first steps on Pinterest like this one. You can even go on Pinterest education section. It is fun you will see.


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