Remember eveything

This is Evernote’s motto, and this is what this tool is built for: to help you remember everything. There are endless content you can save with Evernote, and this is the beauty of this service. It might not be the fastest tool of its kind, it might not do everything perfectly, but when you judge it as a whole, it is an unmatched notes saving tool.

Here is what you can save with this Evernote: pretty much everything. You can obviously create, and write any notes you wish, but you can also save photos (you can also annotate them with skitch), full web pages with their web clipper, audio notes, PDFs, and then access all of your notes everywhere. You can even take a photo of a document and Evernote will digitize the text so you can modify it or copy and paste the passage you want to use as a reference later on. It is important to note that you can use all the main features of Evernote for free, so it is easy to implement it in your classrooms. Every devices support Evernote: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and any web browsers you may use. Evernote will sync everything across all of your devices where the app is installed and where your account is registered.

However, these are only the basics functionalities of Evernote and the experience truly begins when you learn to master the extra goodies that this tool has to offer. Because having notes all saved in on place is fine, but it is easy to get lost in all of them. Evernote shines in that department. You can share your notes, set reminders, and look for a specific note with an integrated search engine. This is why I want to talk about Evernote as a pedagogical tool. Evernote is so powerful, I think it would be an offence not to use it in classrooms.

Evernote is built around the concept of notebooks. You can create as much notebooks as you want, and within each notebooks you can add new notes about the subject related to the notebook. Notebooks are awesome. By the way, have you seen the movie?

Great movie. Anyhow.

You can share your notebooks with other Evernote users to collaborate, or you can share a note’s URL to non-Evernote users for them to consult. It is a simple yet efficient way to work with others. With this tool, you can create and share a notebook for assignments you want to give to your students. You can set reminders for homework ant exams, and you can always go back and edit information about what’s to come in your class. You can add new notes about new subjects you recently tackled in class so your students can review them. Ultimately, this tool is as much useful for you as it is for your students. 

Evernote can also be used to present school subjects with a new gorgeous feature called presentation mode. It works similarly to Microsoft PowerPoint. Each notes you have in a specific notebook become slides in a full screen mode. You can easily navigate through them, and your mouse pointer becomes a highlighter that fades with time (sold). It then becomes very convenient to present full webpages, photos, audio notes, and all the other content Evernote can handle. Unfortunately, this features is only available with a premium account, but at least you can get a 30 days trial to get an idea of how it works and what it can do. I believe it will become a popular option in the future.

As you may have guessed, I really appreciate Evernote. I strongly believe that if you give it a try, you will find it to be an indispensable tool in your everyday tasks.


Try Evernote today.


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